Wedding Photographer Scotland Or UK Wide - Finding The Right One

Wedding photographer Scotland based is something that so many couples look for when it comes to planning their big day. Photographs can make that day live forever. We can't directly pass on our memories to our children and grandchildren, but we can pass on wedding photographs that capture everything that happened. However, the quality of your wedding photographs is largely dependent on the quality of the photographer you select. In this guide, we're going to go through the key things you should be aware of when it comes to selecting the right wedding photographer in Scotland.

What To Avoid In A Scottish Or Lake District Wedding Photographer

Scotland and the Lake District are popular destinations for those looking to host a scenic wedding. Whether you live there or are simply marrying in one of these beautiful locations, it’s often more convenient to source a photographer who is based in that area. But looking for a local Lake District wedding photographer or a wedding photographer Scotland way is only one factor. There are other considerations to take into account, no matter whether you’re aiming to select the right wedding photographer in Cumbria, Glasgow or beyond. Firstly, watch out for photographers who are booking in and snapping weddings at an industrial rate. It's likely that they will use an assistant photographer at some events, who may not necessarily match the quality of the principal photographer. Also, watch out for unfeasibly low prices. If the photographer is significantly cheaper than others who’ve quoted you a price, it’s sensible to ask where corners are being cut. And then there's the classic pitfall: the family photographer. Perhaps your uncle's second cousin is a photographer and would love to shoot your wedding for free. This isn't worth the risk. You don't know what quality you're going to get and, if the photos are poor, it could create tension within your family, as well as spoiling your memories of your big day.

Budget For What Wedding Photography Glasgow Way Costs

However, when it comes to looking for wedding photography Glasgow way or elsewhere, budget is inevitably, a big consideration. Wedding photographers’ fees can range from between just a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. For most people, photographs are a key element of your wedding day due to the personal significance they take on for years to come. Therefore, many couples are willing to allocate a significant proportion of their budget for wedding photographs. When you're looking for cheap wedding photography Glasgow way or elsewhere in the UK, do try and avoid bargain basement prices for the reasons noted above. But you shouldn't have to pay over the odds for wedding snaps; there are reasonable and affordable photographers who can give you the quality you desire. Before making your decision, always consult a photographer's portfolio to assess the quality of their work. Try and have a figure in your head as you look at these photos so that you can adjust your expectation to the realities of what to expect within your budget. Do also watch out for any additional items – such as wedding albums, the quality of the final photographs and what editing work will be done to the photos. All of these elements can affect your budget.

The Styles To Expect From Your Wedding Photographer Edinburgh or UK Wide

A big part of what makes wedding photographs so special isn't just the subjects (though they are, of course, extremely important), but the style in which photographs have been shot. Every wedding photographer Edinburgh, Glasgow or UK way will have a particular way of capturing the magical moments of your big day. Some photographers have just one or two styles; while others have put in a lot of time and dedication to master all styles. But what do we mean by 'style'? Well, you probably recognise 'classic' wedding shots which are more traditional or 'old-fashioned' wedding photographs. This is exactly how some people envision their wedding photographs. But then there are others who want something different; something that captures the uniqueness of the environment or unplanned moments. Some people want photography that borders on 'art'. Photography is a diverse field which is affected by specialist equipment, manipulation of lighting and the role that the photographer takes on when taking a shot. For example, perhaps you want your photographer to blend into the background of your big day? Or perhaps you just want them there for the classic posed pictures? The best way to judge this is by consulting different photographers and different portfolios. You'll know what you want when you see it – and that’s exactly how you’ll ultimately choose the perfect Edinburgh wedding photography for your big day.

Time To Meet Your Wedding Photographer Glasgow Way

You're likely to find quite a few wedding photographer Glasgow, Edinburgh or UK based options that you really like the look of, but how do you whittle down your choices to just one? Simple: set up interviews and meet your prospective wedding photographers in Glasgow area, or elsewhere, to see if you 'click'. This gives you an opportunity to see a wider range of photographs from their portfolio and discuss examples of the photographer's style that you've seen and you like. Most importantly, though, it allows you to get to know your photographer. Remember: your photographer is responsible for capturing the moments of your big day. You'll be photographed at intimate and perhaps even vulnerable times. Wedding days are full of emotion and you've got to be able to trust your photographer to portray events in a way you're comfortable with. So it helps to have a wedding photographer Scotland based who you get on with. An initial interview also allows you to make sure that they're available for your wedding day, and likewise, it gives them the opportunity to learn more about what you expect, where the wedding will be and what the venue is like. At 1803Photography, we're dedicated to making sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Our photography is much sought after and we advise you to book early.

1803Photography Is The Only Wedding Photographer Scotland Way You Need

Photographs are something you treasure for a lifetime; and wedding photographs, in particular, just cannot be replicated. It's a one-off day. That's why you should always invest in a good wedding photographer Scotland way. At 1803Photography, we pride ourselves on our wedding photography work. We don't work 300 weddings a year; we intentionally take on just 30-40 weddings a year to ensure that we have the time to really understand you, your wants and your needs for the big day. To see about booking our affordable wedding photography packages, please visit, call us via WhatsApp on 07771 278587 or email